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Trade name



Matsuguchi Tadashi (President)

Head office location

1-8 Obasecho, Tennoji-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka




1954 (Showa 29)


324,439,200 yen

Sales Turnover

Consolidated:1,053 Billion Yen
Non Consolidated:94.4 Billion Yen
(Jan. 2023)

Number of employees

Non Consolidated:3,250
(Jan. 2023)

[Tokyo block]
Tokyo Sales Department
Chiba branch
Yokohama branch
WEst Tokyo Sales Office

[Hokkaido Tohoku Block]
Sapporo Sales Office
Tohoku Sales Office
Northern Japan Sales Office
Fukushima Sales Office

[Kanto Koshinetsu block]
Nagano Sales Office
Niigata Sales Office
Gunma Sales Office
Saitama Sales Office
Shizuoka Sales Office
Hamamatsu Sales Office

[Nagoya Block]
Nagoya Sales Department
Gifu Sales Office

[Osaka Block]
Osaka Sales Department

[Kinki Hokuriku Block]
Kyoto Sales Office
Kanazawa Sales Office
South Osaka Sales Office
Kobe branch

[Chugoku Shikoku Block]
Hiroshima Sales Office
Okayama Sales Office
Yonago Sales Office
Shikoku Sales Office
Matsuyama Sales Office
Kochi Sales Office

[Kyushu Block]
Fukuoka Sales Office
Kitakyushu Sales Office
Kumamoto Sales Office
Kagoshima Sales Office
Okinawa Sales Office

Technology and production locations

DIGITAL PRINT BASE in Hokkaido (Sapporo)

Tochigi Factory First Office (Nasushiobara)
Tochigi Factory Second Office (Nasushiobara)

Shiga Factory First Office (Shiga)
Shiga Factory Second Office (Shiga)

Gifu Plant First Office (Ogaki)
Gifu Plant Second Office (Ogaki)
Gifu Plant Third Office (Ogaki)

Osaka Factory (Osaka)
Osaka Technical Center (Osaka)
Yao Management Center (Yao)
Innovation Center (Osaka)

Okayama Plant(Okayama)

Fukuoka Factory (Kitakyushu)
Moji Factory (Kitakyushu)

Other Locations OSP Ajihara Honmachi Building

Domestic group companies

OSP HOLDINGS CO., LTD. Support OSP Group with a stable management base.
OSP ADVANCE CO., LTD. Finishing and packing of printed products.
OSP MACHINERY CO., LTD. Manufacturing and development of printing peripherals, and maintenance work.
OSP TRADING CO., LTD. Procurement and sales of major raw materials and printing equipment.
OSP HEARTFUL CO., LTD. Production and management of plates for prints.
OSP LABEL STOCK CO.,LTD. Manufacture and sales of tack papers.
PrintBiz CO., LTD. Manufacturing of general commercial printing such as leaflets and pamphlets, and mail-order printing.
Oak Tech Inc. Development, manufacture, and sales of various types of labeling systems and packaging equipment.

Overseas group companies

PRIMARK AMERICA CORPORATION Marketing research and procurement and sales of major raw materials and printing equipment.
OSAKA SEALING PRINTING (SUZHOU) CO., LTD.(China) Manufacture and sale of seal labels and labelers in China and abroad.
WEIHAI YANFENG STICKNESS PRINTING CO.,LTD Manufacture of stickers and labels in China for domestic and international sales.
OSP LABEL (THAILAND) CO.,LTD. Manufacture of label stickers in Thailand. Retail and wholesale sales of label stickers and soft packaging materials, and the procurement of raw materials.
OSP CEBU CORPORATION DTP and web services for printed materials.
OSP AUSTRALIA PTY LTD Sales of film products and labeling systems in Australia.

Job of the OSP

Established in 1927, we have steadily managed our core work as a processing business, utilizing a sales and production network that connects the entire country online, centering on the integrated production process from raw paper manufacturing to printing, mainly for letterpress printing. As a leading company in the seal industry, we always anticipate the needs of the times.

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