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Osaka Sealing Printing Co., Ltd.

A message from the CEO

Masaru Matsuguchi, CEO and Representative Director Masaru Matsuguchi, CEO and Representative Director

In response to strict social needs, we have systematized the production process and have achieved quick delivery, cost reduction, while achieving high quality. Each OSP production base has already built an operating system which is close to 365 days and since its establishment, with a total perspective on IT, efficient allocation and operation of personnel and facilities, etc., based on an unchanging customer-first philosophy, we intend to improve further and pursue quick delivery, cost reduction, and high quality.

On the other hand, society's eyes on safety, health, and the environment are becoming stricter as the packaging container recycling law is enforced and the labeling of ingredients is required by companies. We are aware of our social responsibility as a top manufacturer supplying containers and packaging materials, and will continue to proactively challenge the creation of environmentally friendly products. Our products, such as films and labels, provide various functions that modern consumers need, such as information relaying functions and security functions. How much can you contribute to society with these various functions? While asking that question, we will open up the future with ideas and passion that go beyond printing.


Company motto



日々新しいもの 大きなものへ

Management Philosophy

Contributing to society by manufacturing and supplying valuable products based on the customer's being the first priority, consistent with our belief since our establishment, we aim to be the only unique healthy company that can harmonize the prosperity of the company and the well-being of the employees.

Safety philosophy

The OSP Group places top priority on ensuring the safety and health of all employees and aims to create a safe and lively work environment.

Environmental Philosophy

We recognize that harmony with the environment is an important responsibility of the company, so we will contribute to a prosperous planet and society through business activities that consider environmental protection and resource protection.

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