What is the digital printer "HP Indigo 20000"?

Part 1

A product that could serve various variable data such as product line up or face picture!

Part 2

Can create various designs at the same time!

Part 3

Can print out beautiful prints in high resolution!

HP Indigo 20000
Three advantages of digital printing press

1st merit

Merit 1

No need for
plate fees!

Because there is no need to
create expensive cylinder plates,
you can lessen the total cost.

2nd merit

Merit 2

Production of various designs on small lots!

Can change various designs and contents, best for test sales on numerous designs or limited edition seasonal products.

3rd merit

Merit 3

Variable data printing
is possible!

Printing of variable items such as changed text, photo and numbering, as well as random printing (mosaic) is possible with the use of digital printing.

Add value to your product with the use of flexible package with comercial effects.

We may provide various items designs that create changable or random prints at the same time
while keeping the merits of digital printing (no need for plate fee).

Part 1 Replacement of text, photos and illustrations

Bottled waters sold within the zoo

Changing of text, photos and illustrations

❶ Change the image of animals

By printing various animals on each bottle, numerous sales may be expected due to the need to complete the whole set.

❷ Change text content

The customers may feel closer to the animals within the zoo by not only changing the images but also by printing the names or pet names of the animals or adding a catch phrase.

Clear wrappting for special events

For special events with clear wrapping

❶ Change color scheme

Transforming to event specification is possible just by wrapping it on existing products. This will help colorfully stage the sales floor.

Shuffle color schemes of your original design

❷ Few lots by changing product name

We support various styles.

Raise the value of your product with proposals that weren't possible on normal printers!
Digital print sample image
Part 2 random print

Creating products with different patterns is possible with the help of a program that sorts out designs randomly selected among multiple image data in a domain with an appointed design.

ペットボトルの模様をカラフルに♪ ボトル容器のイラストを変えてポップに♪ 瓶をオシャレに色んな柄へ♪ たくさんの個包装を可愛い色味に♪
Automatically create one of a kind designs by registering base pattern♪

その3 バリアブル印刷

Below is a sample of a product with different designs on each prints!

If pictures of various tourist spots were printed on each plastic cover....

before after
Effect 1

You can expect the product to be of more value as a souvenir for tourists and be set apart from the other products!

Effect 2

You can expect various sales by preparing a special box for assorted designs. This effect may also be expected for inbound souvenirs!

Types of items that can be produced

Introduction on films, delivery forms, & lots that are printable using the digital printer.

Regarding used films

Regarding used films

See detailed information

Regarding delivery form

Regarding delivery form

See detailed information

Regarding the lot

Regarding the lot

See detailed information

Regarding used films

Bag product Printing items "OPP30μ(for lamination)・50μ(for fusing simple substances)・HS-OPP40μ・PET12μ・VC-PET12μ・ONY15μ・VariaNY15μ"
Middle board PET12μ・VM-PET12μ・VC-PET12μ・AL7μ
Sealant CPP30-40μ・VM-CPP30μ・LLDPE40-50-60μ
Shrink label OPS 50μ・PET 40μ・Hybrid 40μ
Clear wrapping OPP40μ

Please inquire for films other than those specified above


Regarding delivery forms

Bag product three sided sealing / butt-seam / gusset / three sided sealing wih chuck / standard pack / gusset sealing)
Fusing product (film envelop / header bag)
Shrink label Wrap around label OPS50 / PET40μ / hybrid40μ
Clearwrap (Advance confirmation is nessesary for pitch products

Advance tests are required after delivery if items are to be used by packaging machines.


Regarding the lot

Number of fiilm base-sheet 1,000m / 2,000m per lot
(Only base-sheets for shrink film may start from 500m per lot.)
Film for laminated bag product Other than the ONY and BarierNY, base-sheets from 1,000m per lot can be used.
(Nylons cannot be stocked due to moisture absorption)
Content Cannot be used for water containing product or for boil application

For inquiries, please contact the respective sales represntatives.


OSP! Printing is possible with a wide range of Film Package! !

Shrink Label Wrap around label

Shrink Label Wrap
around label


See product
Bag product / Pack Product

Bag product /
Pack Product


See product
Clear wrapping

Clear wrapping


See product
Fusing product

Fusing product


See product

OSP can develop various Film Package with the use of digital printing.
We will give the optimal suggestion to accommodate the items.


Lets have more fun designing
with the use of digital printer!

Please feel free to contact us.

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