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A rayon product that brings that “Japanese”
texture to products.

It is this rayon product that brings Japanese-style texture to the products. You can express a feeling of elegance and a soft image to the product. You can choose from 3 types according to the product packaging.

Advantages of OSP rayon products

Advantages of OSP rayon products
  • By offset printing, the finish is absolutely beautiful!
  • Compared with gravure products, it can handle small lots!
  • Since standard base paper is available, quick delivery is possible!
  • You can use it not only in Japanese style but also in Western style design!

Individual packaging type A calm image with a Japanese-style taste!

Individual packaging type

You can produce a Japanese-style image or an elegant image.

Bag Type Increase presence with the elegant Japanese-style image!

Bag Type

Standard base paper can be used for small lots and for short delivery times. Compantible with deoxidizing agents.


Japanese paper feel and texture!

Japanese paper feel and texture!

You can express a soft texture and a feeling full of taste.

High quality and beautiful finish!

High quality and beautiful finish!

Previously difficult to use, it is possible to print fine characters and patterns on rayon products with high quality.

Hanging Paper Type We set ourselves apart from other companies with realistic Japanese-style packages!

Hanging Paper Type

Sheet type full-face separator is included. OSP's original paper film that takes advantage of the texture of rayon paper.

We achieve small lots, quick delivery, and low costs that let us stand out from other companies!!

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