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Wanting to make a Sticker & Label but get confused because you don't know the materials that well? At OSP, we allow the customers to first understand the materials, colors, and finishes of the product handled by OSP before explaining the stickers and labels that can be ordered upon request.

What are Sticker & Label?

The stickers / labels are completed by printing and processing on the stencils.

What are Sticker & Label?

Stickers / Labels Stencil

Sticker & Label raw paper
See the types of raw label paper

See the types of stencils

We provide Sticker & Label according to the customer's needs from the various variety of stencils.

In OSP, we create our own Sticker & Label papers. We have our own system that lessens the cost for production and make our production possible on small lots & short lead time


types of adhesive

See different types of adhesive

We are developing technology according to usage conditions such as items with high adhesive strength or items that are easy to peel off and do not leave behind residue.

The nature of the adhesive is expressed in terms of adhesive strength, cohesive strength, and tack. It is necessary to check how and where to apply the adhesive, and select an adhesive depending on the usage. We provide adhesives tailored to your intended use.

Ink (Printing)

View ink types

View ink types

Uses ink suitable for certain types of paper, such as paper, thermal, and film, resulting in a beautiful finish.

The number of raw ink materials that can be used for printing is said to be close to 10,000. The ink construction is roughly divided into three elements: pigments, varnishes, and additives.In cooperation with an ink specializing company, we respond to our customer's needs by being able to handle any kind of paper.


types of effects

View types of effects

Sticker & Label effects increase added value and possibilities in various situations where stickers and labels are used.

OSP minimizes the time lag by improving and effect developing machines and making effects management visible while achieving the same delivery time as regular labels and seals. In order to maximize the appeal of the product, we have added functionality and effects to the products which add value in various situations.

We achieve small lots, quick delivery, and low costs that let us stand out from other companies!!

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