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Labels are divided into many types according to their properties. There are various printing inks, papers, and surface treatments. The customer must first tell us where the label will be pasted on, the kind of environement, and how long it will be used. We will provide you with the best combination using our professional view and vast experience. OSP has built an integrated production process system that handles everything from design and stencil production to printing. We implement small lots, short delivery times, and low costs that cannot be imitated by other companies. Feeling hopeless because of the quantity, delivery date, and price? Don't give up just yet, contact us now!

Product Strengths Introducing the strengths of stickers and labels.

Design Department

Design Department

Beginning with planning, design, creation of calligraphy and copy, more than 100 designers specializing in stickers and labels are residing in Tokyo and Osaka. These designs are capable of placing large quantities of information in a small area and encourages customers to purchase our products. With our unique imagination that helps in sales strategy, OSP proposes designs that meet our customers needs.

Research and Development Department

Research and Development Department

Research and Development Department. In this section, research on glue and paper is continued every day. We develop products that have good performance and can meet any customer's needs. OSP stickers and labels are praised due to the steady results of these departments.

Production sites (13 locations in Japan)

Production sites (14 locations in Japan)

As the features of stickers and labels vary widely, it is natural for advanced technology, expertise and the latest equipment tbe required in the manufacturing department. At OSP, each factory has its own unique features where improved precision, shorter delivery times, and small lot productions are constantly pursued. These are some of the hidden efforts put into a single label by OSP.

Raw Paper Production

Stencil Production

In association with the research department, Sticker & Label papers are produced and processed within the company. The original system construction learned from the Toyota production system which is not wasteful, has no stock, and no waiting time for raw materials at the printing site, reduces manufacturing costs and can handle small lots and short delivery times.

Environmental Measures

Environmental Measures

There are release liners in a Sticker & Label which you peel and dispose of. However, the more products being produced will also create more waste. So in response to these kinds of concerns, OSP is addressing environmental issues as quick as possible. Not only has OSP obtained ISO certification and forest certification but is also working to reduce the environmental impact of a single label.

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