Paper Attention

From plastic (material) to eco-friendly paper

Film material that was conventionally used... Is now paper! Film Before Paper Attention After

Paper Attention Advantages!

  • Has translucencyand fits well with the products.
  • The label stands firmly.
  • Can lead to environmental load reduction.
  • Paper material is cheaper than film material.

There are many other uses!

Paper label with translucency as a substitute for transparent PET label.
For example, it can used be as a sealing sticker for containers with lids.

Point 1 Easy to rip and break the seal because it's paper!
Point 2 Does not cover the content like the transparent film display sticker

Background of eco-friendly paper attention

An increasing number of companies are reconsidering over specification of plastic products considering its impact on the global environment. Paper attention can replace conventional plastic products with paper products.

Environmental load reduction Plastic removal Ethical consumption Paper attention

What is ethical consumption?

Ethical consumption is a consumer activity in which consumers think about solving problems regaring the people, natural environment, and society by purchasing products that are friendly to the aforementioned.

What is ethical consumption?

Paper attention for plastic removal is recommended for customers with ethical thinking and manufacturers who think of the enviroment.

Paper attention is recommended!


A video introduction on how to use.

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