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TBR-1 (Desktop cylinder)
  • "Recommended for labeling small volumes, small lots such as alcoholic beverages and soy sauce.
    (It can also be used for small-capacity juice / jam jars)"
  • Possible to sit down in an easy-to-operate space.
  • The integrated desk work is possible and the efficiency is improved.
  • We lend to customers who have ordered labels.



Model TBR-1 (desktop cylinder affixed)
Processing power 20 sheets / minute * 1
Pasting accuracy ±2mm※2
Number of registered varieties 20 varieties
Drive system AC servo motor
Label specification
(NO.1 and NO.2 common)
Mount width 15-120mm
Label length 15-300mm
Label interval 3mm or more
Roll outer diameter ø280mm (approx. 250m winding)
Paper tube inner diameter ø76.5mm
Winding specification Front winding
Work specifications Diameter: 50-100mm
Height: 50-300mm
External dimensions 1,050 (W) x 940 (D) x 1,300 (H) mm
Mass About 100kg
Power supply AC100V 50/60Hz
power consumption 1kw max
Installation environment Ambient temperature: 0 to 35 ° C
Ambient humidity: 30 to 85% RH (no condensation)

* 1 Processing capacity is a rough estimate due to manual work.

* 2 The accuracy of application may worsen depending on the accuracy of the container.

DownloadSpecifications are subject to change for improvement without prior notice.

TBR-1 Catalog

■ TBR-1
Catalog [PDF/701KB]

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