Information on the old model

We would like to inform you that the following models have been discontinued from production and parts supply.
Thank you very much for your understanding.

Notice of end of parts supply

Model name Parts supply end date Remarks
ELF-50 Please ask for details Please ask for details
TP-80 January 2004 Printer
TP-160 January 2004 Printer
8800ⅠCB December 2006 control panel
5500CB (5500Ⅰ) July 2008 control panel
TP-118i May 2011 Printer
TP-78 June 2011 Printer
TP-120 June 2011 Printer
FWS-480Ⅲ December 2012 FWS-480Ⅲ body
EG-7CB April 2013 Labeler body
8202CB April 2013 Control panel and thermal head
EG-7 body April 2013 Control panel and thermal head
LA-8202 main unit April 2013 Labeler body
LA-5600 July 2013 Labeler body
5600CB (5500II) July 2013 control panel
B-458-TS23 September 2013 Printer
LA-8800 November 2013 Labeler body
8800ⅡCB November 2013 control panel
OM-01 July 2014 Printer
B-874-TS25 March 2015 Printer
9500 ICB February 2022 control panel
TP-128 Scheduled for December 2023 Printer
9800 body Scheduled for October 2024 Labeler body
9500 body Scheduled for August 2024 Labeler body
TP-105 Scheduled for June 2025 Printer

* Schedules are subject to change without prior notice. Please be guided accordingly.

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