Make the product stand out

By making the products stand out with POP, you can clearly expect
the marketing effects.

With a strong eye-catching power, not only does it contribute to letting the products stand out but is also reputable to customers. By highlighting the recommended products with POP, you can have directly promote purchasing.

Stand POP

Stand POP

Appeal the information you want to convey to customers, with great success as an eye-catching Sales Promotion Tool with outstanding impact! Your products can be different from the rest just by sticking it on. Make the product stand out at the sales floor. We can also propose a modified type acccording to usage and design. Ideal for products that you want to stand out from the rest, such as new products and limited edition products.

Stand POP
Stand POP

It is also effective to add a catch phrase. You can appeal the features and points of the product more strongly!

Neck POP

Neck POP

Simply hang it on a bottle or jar to easily appeal your products. Various shapes are available to suit the usage. You can show the appeal point of the product effectively. Neck POPs of various shapes are also available such as the box type which you can put a freebie into and the recipe type that you can put cooking recipes on.

Basic Form

Box type

Cover type

Stand type

Recipe type

Basic Form Box type Cover type Stand type Recipe type

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